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Sure, there were the nativity scenes, which your parents probably remember as Nothing is more meaningful than giving someone a gift that is handmade or baked.

Especially for your friends that are the “let’s get lit” kind of friends, which, let’s be honest, are the best kind of friends.

His second album, Watch My Mouth was released on September 1, 2009, containing all of his previous singles, except "Do You Wanna Break Up".

The album was preceded by the single "I Seen Beyoncé" featuring Jonny Makeup, released back in September 2008.

The singles "Get Into It" featuring guest vocals by Amanda Lepore and "Get My Money Back" featuring Lost Daze followed in 20 respectively.

Cazwell frequently hosts and DJs parties such as Boys Room in New York City featuring guests such as Ladyfag, Amanda Lepore, Dj Adam, Raquel Reed and Stephen Reed.

In August 22, Cazwell announced that his third studio album Hard 2 B Fresh is going to be released in September 30 and posted the track listing and the cover art on his official site.In 2003, Cazwell released his very first single The Sex That I Need with Avenue D.In 2006, Cazwell released his debut studio album Get Into It featuring lead single "All Over Your Face" and the four follow up singles "Do You Wanna Break Up", "I Buy My Socks On 14th Street" and "Watch My Mouth".The video was directed by Francis Legge and Bec Stupak.In 2009, he released "Tonight," which sampled "Give Me Tonight" by Shannon.

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